Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Chirp sounder measurements with KiwiSDRs (1)

The plots below show measurements of the chirp sounders from Cyprus (RAF Aktrotiri). There are two chirps (100kHz/sec) separated by 5 seconds and repeating each 5 minutes. In G3PLX notation they are called 300:240 and 300:245

Using GNSS timestamped IQ samples from the KiwiSDR @IU8CRI, tuned to 13,200 kHz, a pair of chirps was analyzed in terms of instantaneous frequency and of propagation time delays obtained from the FFT of the de-chirped signals.

Top: instantaneous frequency; bottom: propagation time delay obtained form the FFT of the de-chirped signal

In this earlier blog post a time offset of about δt=0.3±0.03 msec w.r.t. start time at the beginning of a given UTC second of the chirp signals from Cyprus was found in the chirp monitoring data from the U Twente WebSDR. This offset is also found in the KiwiSDR measurements, i.e., without applying this offset, the first peak in the propagation time delays would be below the equivalent time of propagation along the great-circle distance at the speed of light.

It would be very interesting to implement a more systematic monitoring of chirp sounders using KiwiSDRs.

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