Friday, December 8, 2017

TDoA measurements using GPS time-stamped IQ samples from KiwiSDRs (4)

STANAG4285 signal on 5442.8 kHz 20171208T1554Z

This plot shows phase vs. time in STANAG5284 frames (106.66666 msec), see also
STANAG4285 signal on 5442.8 kHz @G8JNJ 20171208T1554Z

The time-differences between four KiwiSDRs look like this:
time-differences on 5442.8 kHz 20171208T1554Z
Note that there are at least two different paths of propagation with different delays. For the following plots the time interval between the red horizontal lines was used:
TDoA 5442.8 kHz 20171208T1554Z
As the signal is in between the used KiwiSDRs, its likely location is quite well constrained.

As usual, thanks to all KiwiSDR owners for making their receivers+GPS measurements available.

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